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I am writing this as I have done it on my Fire Stick 4K. If you have other FireTV devices your setup may vary but should be pretty similar to this setup.

**If you haven’t heard of the app called Downloader on your FireTV/Fire Stick, I suggest you watch a video on youtube on how to sideload apps onto your FireTV device. Moving forward from this point I will assume you have that app installed and loaded. Here is a video you can use:**


1) I use an app called IPTV Smarters PRO. You can find an ad-free version by simply googling “IPTV Smarters PRO Ad-Free APK” and download it or go here: .The link from apkforall is what I used. Once you have downloaded the APK, upload it to a file-sharing site. I use my personal google drive as its simple for the Downloader app to navigate so I suggest just uploading it to your google drive.

2) Once you have the app uploaded to your file-sharing site of choice(Google drive is recommended) go to a link shortener site like or something of that sort and shorten the link given to you by google drive(or whatever site you uploaded the app to).

3) Once you have the shortened link open Downloader and you should be greeted with a screen like this:

Make sure to have Javascript enabled in the settings of this app or you will have issues downloading from certain sites. Then type the shortened link into the URL box inside downloader and click go. The page should load and if you used google drive just use your remote to navigate to and click the blue download button and let it download. Once the app is downloaded you will be prompted to install the app(The screen looks like a normal app install on an android device) so install it.

4)Once IPTV Smarters Pro is installed, launch it. You may have to accept some terms depending on what version you downloaded so accept them. You will then be greeted with a screen that says “Add User”. Click the “Add User” button. Like This:

5) Select “Load Your Playlist Or File/URL” on this screen:

Input a name for this playlist. I just put TT. Then select the “M3U URL” circle button. Then in the File/URL box, you need to type out the M3U URL provided in the IPTV panel here on IPTorrents. If you are not wanting to type out the whole URL refer to the bolded text below the image.

If you are fine typing the whole URL out then go ahead. I found that it is easier to download the FireTV App on my android phone and then select my FireTV/Fire Stick device from the list(as long as you are connected to the same WIFI as your FireTV/Fire Stick device) and then click the little keyboard and copy and paste the entire link that way. I just emailed myself the links and then copied them from Gmail and pasted them into the app.

6) If you have done all of what I said above correctly click the “Add User” button. Then click on the new profile that you just added and then it will say “Logged In Successfully” and you will get a screen that says its updating for the first time. Once that is done you can click the Live TV button and click the “Explore All” button and then click the “All” tab.

7) You will then get the selection of channels that you selected when you created your M3U URL. You can scroll to the top and click the little magnify glass to search for any channel you may need.

Hopefully, this helps I am hoping you can read my directions clearly. THIS CAN WORK FOR ALL M3U options, Including the IPTV Channels, Movies, and TV Shows. It is a bit messy with the TV VOD M3U so I don’t recommend it. But the movies and channels work as intended.

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